What’s new at Rivers Bend Campground?

It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago Judy and I walked down the road and into Rivers Bend Campground for the first time.  We have met so many good people and had so many great ideas and stories thrown at us that we’ve realized that everyone has there very own idea of what we should do with the campground.  After spending many, many hours at this special place we’ve decided that there is more that we want to keep the same, and less that we want to change. We just want to make it better.  So here is what we’ve done so far and maybe even a few of the things we’d like to see in the future.

When we first arrived at the campground the grass was almost 4 feet tall and there were fire rings and broken picnic tables everywhere. The mowing and raking to put the lawn back in shape took over a month. Then the painting began.  So far we’ve finished the office, the pump house and most of the garage. Soon the temperatures will moderate and we’ll finish the painting this spring.

We spent our winter clearing the road from a particularly bad wind storm and cutting lots of firewood. We acquired an awesome new tractor for logging and road maintenance.  We hope to keep the road in the best shape we can.

Spring has been hard coming but we started the bathhouse renovation in early March and it’s coming along well. There will be a whole new look to the inside of the bathhouse with many new upgrades including new showers and fixtures.  We’ve been building some custom benches for around the campground and you’ll seem them in the bathhouse too.

Oh yes, don’t let me forget the 59 picnic tables we built.  They will be getting new paint in the next few weeks and be ready for another great season of camping at Rivers Bend!

Dave & Judy